Judiciary Police cracked a case of fraud and money laundering and arrested three for (Macao Daily News)
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Abstract: Criminals taking advantage of bank account of Macao to receive and withdraw fraud proceeds       Judiciary Police cracked a case of fraud and money laundering and arrested three people


The crime is suspected to be committed in Macao


Three suspects are Lau (male, age of 30, local resident, reported as a construction worker), Lai (male, age of 30, reported as a chef) and Siu (female, age of 27, mainland resident, reported as a housewife). The three suspects have been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office yesterday, are suspected to be involved in huge frauds, money laundering and criminal gang.


Judiciary Police spokesman, Yang Xiuzhen, says that on 30th June of last year, the Judiciary Police assisted Taiwan’s police in investigating a case of fraud through liaison mechanism. The Taiwanese victim reported that he met a man on social networking platform. The man called the victim and claimed himself as an employee from a Hong Kong securities company. The man then claimed that the victim could earn up to twentyfold to thirtyfold profit by investing in Hong Kong stocks and lured him to invest. The man defrauded the victim of approximately MOP 348,000, which is credited to a bank account of Macao, then he lost contact.


The Economic Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police found that a cross-border fraud group has used bank accounts of Macao to receive fraud proceeds, and part of the money has been withdrawn in Macao. There are indications that the crime was committed in Macao. After investigating and analysing the information of the involved accounts, it was found that in addition to the above accounts, there are another six accounts related to the case, which were used to receive or transfer fraud proceeds. The accounts involved have received a total of twenty-five suspected remittance transactions from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, involving 13 different remitters with a sum of around MOP 1,010,000. As to whether there are more bank accounts of Macao involved and unlawful payments, the Judiciary Police will continue to conduct in-depth investigations.


The account owner is suspected to be manipulated


After verifying with the police forces of the three jurisdictions above, most of the remitters are confirmed to be victim of the fraud case, involving telephone frauds and online shopping frauds. After thorough investigation, account owners involved are found to have withdrawn the fraud proceeds personally, and that there is a very close relationship between the account owners, some of which are relatives. The Judiciary Police believes that the account owners involved are members of the same criminal gang and is manipulated by the same criminal gang, which involved in money laundering.


It was not until the 29th and 30th of June that the Judiciary Police intercepted two suspects and summoned another suspect, all of whom denied the crime. Two men (Lau and Lai) involved said they lend out their bank account for remuneration. Lau said he received a remuneration of MOP 200 by helping other party to withdraw MOP 10,000. Lai has not yet received remuneration by lending out his bank account. Ms Siu said she lend her account to her brother, knowing that her brother used it to receive payments from others, and has helped his brother to withdraw MOP 4,000 from the account, but did not receive remuneration. Lau and Siu's brother met each other when serving a sentence, Siu also served a sentence in the Mainland due to drug abuse. The Judiciary Police believed that the gang has started operating since October 2015 and at least two Mainland residents, one Hongkong resident and one Macao resident were at large.


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